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ATM site monitoring is a comprehensive solution crafted by Hemabh Solutions with a perfect amalgamation of hardware, and software applications for efficient functioning and monitoring of an ATM site.

We offer ATM SITE MANAGER APPLICATION across all terrains, irrespective whether they’re located in shopping Malls, commercial/office buildings, tourist attractions, or other locations.

As per the site, we customise our offerings to ensure complete protection of the ATM.

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ATM monitoring service is designed to deliver maximum uptime for your ATM.

Monitoring provides information on the status of your ATM site in real time and showcases any actions taken to rectify faults.

The solution covers monitoring and control over all the electrical equipment installed at the ATM site, including the UPS and its Battery.

A pre-hand intimation is drawn when the battery life of the UPS is fading away. The real-time information enables you to optimally utilise your resources.

Moreover, our status-on-the-go feature equips our customers to get instant updates on the workings of the site via text messages, email or even a phone call.


To tackle against risks such as theft the site is equipped with the most efficient hardware synced with software.

The highly configurable set up gives the flexibility to set up their own views, alarms and levels of detail that they want to monitor.

The advanced security features such as door sensors, vibration units, tilt sensors, switches, armour the ATM against anti-social threats.

As soon as a threat is detected, the hardware signals the software to perform immediate emergency protocols.


The security of the ATM site is managed by a 24/7 monitoring centre.

The centre is equipped to optimise network fault, manage threats and help customers. When a threat is detected, the monitoring team informs the concerned governing authorities to carry out the required tasks.

The team is trained to avert any threat, and emergency protocols are set which are initiated and the ATM owner is informed of the same via mail, message or call.

The two-way audio enables our team to deal with not only threats, but also guide customers in case of technical or emergency issues.


ATM site operations and maintenance faces multiple challenges. The total control over the site ensures there isn’t any electricity wasted, and helps plan the expenditures of an ATM site.

Reports are generated which inform our customers about the trends of customer attendance, downtime, usage hours and other details which helps formulate a cost effective schedule for the ATM site.

Attendance switch lets us keep a track of the employees of the ATM, if any.

Furthermore, technological equipment such as door switches helps maintain control over the light, air-conditioning, and the machine. Such multiple factors play their part to ensure smooth, efficient and economical running of the ATM site.


The entire control of the ATM site rests with the owner of the machine. They can send commands as per the information they receive on their mobile phone. This is possible, as the ATM machine is set up on a network different than the internet cloud, unreachable by hackers. In case of any threat, the owner can initiate commands and bring the machine to a lock down from wherever it is.

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