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Remote monitoring and control refers to M2M solution that is to sophisticatesecurity automation that is entering a new era with the development of sensing devices with the help of terminal unit.

Remote monitoring refers to the measurement of disparate devices from a network operations centre or control room and the ability to change the operation of these devices from the central office or from a remote location.

The field is evolving security and reporting in ATM’s and other industries, where the need is to have manageable and economical security.

Hemabh Solutions provides Remote Monitoring services under the name efortify. We use the best amalgamation of sturdy hardware and user-friendly, multi-functional software. We are very conscious about implementing our service, and for the same we conduct stringent quality checks on our hardware and software to ensure seamless functioning of the system.

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Whether the monitoring is at a macro or micro geographical level, Hemabh has the proficiency to customise & manage a remote monitoring system as per your requirement. We excel in the craft of safe guarding one of the most important means of bank transactions- ATM machine sites, which has enabled us to provide services to other industries also. And as per the industry we’ve developed emergency protocols if in any case we have someone as talented as Mr. Holmes or Moriarty on your door step.


Remote Monitoring not only enables sophisticated control on the site, but also adds on as an economical advantage to businesses. The innovative hardware and 24/7 monitoring centre makes the site secure. Remote monitoring also makes the site economical to maintain, know how. Power management by reducing wastage and hefty electricity bills and intimates the well performing assets and which need immediate attention. It helps to visualise and gain insights in a centralised point of control for pro-active decisions thus improves profits.


The real time data capture enables us to keep your site secure. Control is maintained with event monitoring on all passive assets, monitoring power outage conditions, fuel sensor monitors to keep a tab on consumption of fuel by the generator, alerts on passive assets failure, notifications via email and SMS.


Whatever happens at your site is measured, and what better to make predictions supported with numbers. Our system helps us to visualise and gain insights in a centralised point of control for pro-active decisions thus improves profits, Ability to select and filter events based on specific criteria, Ability to forecast outcomes based on the archive report, KPI reports on energy efficiency across sites/regions, Reports to enable efficient usage of assets.

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