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Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, and brings their core skills to the table. But, there are two characteristics we look out for employees at Hemabh, that is potential to be the best at what you do and a perpetual desire to improve in the same aspect. We believe our team is curious and that enables them to develop compact and efficient solutions for our clients.

The team is led by two young visionaries- Abhijeet and Hemal who believe in innovation and working towards the evolution of the M2M and security “automation” in India.


As cofounder at Hemabh Solutions, Abhijeet’s primary responsibilities are to look after company’s day to day operations. He is also responsible for the external matters at Hemabh Solutions like building partnerships and broader business relationships.

Before founding Hemabh, Abhijeet has worked with AtoS, an IT services multinational company, for two years in Finland as a part of PMO for Nokia Solutions Network. Handling such a project, gave him the much required confidence and experience to start up his venture. Abhijeet has also been an intern at Siemens IT Solutions and Services in Mumbai during his final year of engineering where he was able to have acute understanding of business and technology together. Abhijeet holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computers from Terna Engineering College, Mumbai University and a Diploma in International Business Acumen from Haaga Helia University, Helsinki.

With colossal understanding of firm’s operations, he is one of the individuals who will define the company’s track record!


After gaining his knowledge in Computer Engineering, Hemal gained 2 years of international exposure by working in multimillion dollar project handling the sales, project management and financial reporting in AtoS, Finland.

Co-founder at Hemabh Solutions handling day to day operations ranging from managing the command and control center to customer services. Taking active decisions along with Abhijeet keeping in mind the needs of the customer carving out a distinct niche for Hemabh Solutions.

He is a very enthusiastic person driven by an unyielding passion for innovation and perfection. He believes in creating and nurturing a powerful ethos of advancement through each of his endeavours.

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