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The RETAIL STORE MANAGER APPLICATION is a web based system for chain stores, furniture stores, electronics stores, car dealers and supermarkets to have centralised control to all their energy equipment, climate and related parameters, to have direct access to all assets and to simplify service and maintenance throughout the branch network.

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The solution enables you to have optimal integration of the entire asset including electrical equipment.

Control is maintained with event monitoring on all passive assets, monitoring power outage conditions, fuel sensor monitors to keep a tab on consumption of fuel by the generator, alerts on passive assets failure, notifications via email and SMS.

The remote management can be supported via live video monitoring feeds centrally or remotely throughout the branch network.


The state of the art hardware with analytical decision maker software manages energy consumption of lights and other electrical devices installed at the site.

The solution employs to even manage grid power, diesel generators, and battery banks in an efficient manner. To ensure that the power is stable, it becomes vital to have its monitoring.

A pre-hand intimation is drawn when the battery life of the UPS is fading away. Or the fuel level in the DG can be found at any given time.

Environmental parameters like Humidity and Temperature can be monitored.


The solution creates a user friendly and ITIL standard incident management remotely or centrally on each store. With authorized accesses, the incident management can have multiple layers to further ease incident management, in an efficient manner.

The solution supports escalation matrix also to have control over the timeline of each job.

The solution will be able to provide all the messages and causes so that, technicians and other repair agents can be informed well in advance to have optimally planned maintenance and repair services, enabling you to minimize downtime and reduce efforts and costs significantly.


The high flexibility of the system enables you to plan better towards the maintenance. The one in all interface also gives you decision making information or data to bring to you trend analysis sheet, so that you are aware of the usage patterns of all the electrical equipment at the branch.

The solution combines intelligent algorithms to have energy efficient automation technology of all the branches, at either central location (head office) or remotely (branch wise or group of branches).

The solution creates an overlapping layer to existent infrastructure which drives the resources more efficiently and in an economical manner, enabling you to streamline workflow, increase life cycle and reduce capital expenditures.

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